Welcome to Our
Culture of Care

You bring into our home a life lived with purpose, and the care you receive should respect that. Care that is anchored on your needs, preferences and interests, and delivered with a heart.

Y.O.U. Plan – Your Own Unique Care Plan

We assess your needs at the start of your stay and plan your overall care with you. We encourage your family to be involved and review the plan periodically. Your needs are unique to you and we’d like to know what they are so we can provide you with the options: a hot breakfast every morning, weekly outing with family, church service, or specialist check ups. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, and you deserve to have what you need.

Stay connected

Staying at our home means you get the care you need while staying connected with loved ones. You can spend weekends away with family or friends, have them over for a visit, and celebrate special occasions with them. Our living lounges, dining halls, secure garden areas and home activities are designed to provide opportunities to make new friends, keep old ones and be part of the community.

Stay active

We know your independence is important to you, that’s why we design activities that help you to stay physically and mentally active while having fun. These activities promote socialisation which is crucial to one’s overall wellbeing, so we encourage our residents to join in.

Be nourished

Delicious and nutritious meals are prepared with tender loving care by our in-house chefs, who take to heart your personal preferences and dietary requirements, even your once-in-a-while sweet tooth!

Be nurtured

Each home is looked after by a facility manager and a clinical manager, supported by a doctor-on-call, and adequately staffed with registered nurses, qualified therapists, caregivers, and support staff. Our team believes every encounter is an opportunity to make you feel genuinely cared for, that we are family, and you are home.

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