About Sound Care Group

Our Group manages five rest homes in New Zealand: Athenree Life in Katikati and Waihi area, Cambridge Life in Cambridge, Eltham Care Rest Home in Taranaki, and South Care Rest Home and Hospital in Dunedin. Each home puts our residents at the heart of our culture.

Message from
the Owner

When the opportunity came in 2016 to acquire and manage my first rest home, all I could think of was how completely daunting the entire prospect was.

I have been working as an aged care nurse manager while consulting for a number of facilities but running your own rest home was a much bigger responsibility. Then I slowly realized that my belief in two things was much greater than my fears – that the residents deserved much better care and my team can deliver on that level of care.

Armed with almost nothing but sheer faith, I seized the opportunity. It took me and the team many months of hard work and countless sleepless nights to upgrade the care to a standard we felt our residents deserved. But it was all worth it.

Three more rest home acquisitions and many years later, our residents and their families continue to inspire us to do more and make things better.

When a resident tells us the food tastes as good as it looks, or when a family sends me a note thanking us for making mum’s birthday extra special, or when a resident sends me a handwritten poem about how much they treasure their friendship with our staff, I know in my heart we’re doing something right. I also know we can still improve.

We’re here to continue earning and deserving your trust.

We will continue to grow and build a culture of care that listens and responds to our residents’ needs, connects with every encounter, and makes them feel safe, comfortable and right at home.

Carly Mangulabnan
Owner and Director

Our Mission

To our residents

We provide holistic and genuine quality care that individually meets our residents’ physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs, ensuring their overall well being.

To our team

We nurture and cultivate an exceptional culture of care among our people, empowering and enabling them to deliver the care that our residents and their families need from and expect of us.

To our community

We are a socially responsible organisation, conducting business in a manner that is ethical and contributes to the development of the community.

Our Values

Our Service Philosophy

Genuine Care

We make each encounter with every resident an opportunity to make them feel genuinely cared for.

Active Involvement

We involve each resident and their family in planning the provision of care and making the decisions that affect their lives.

Meaningful Connections

We encourage each resident to maintain meaningful and regular contact with one another and with family, friends, church and other community groups.

Responsive Programmes

We design and facilitate programmes and activities that encourage each resident to be socially, physically, and mentally active.

Mutual Respect

We are sensitive to and respectful of cultural differences and each person’s values and beliefs.

Our Homes

Be in a safe place that makes
you feel right at home.

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