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Steele Park Home turns one year old

Steele Park Home has a lot to celebrate in addition to the recent midwinter and Matariki events. Only recently, it was awarded a three year certification from the Ministry of Health after a stringent full health standards audit. It also marked its first anniversary in July; it has been 12 months since the facility first opened its doors in Hamilton East.  

What better way to add icing to the cake, than to shine the spotlight on the first ever resident of Steele Park Home. 

Spotlight on Audrey Leyland

Steele Park Home’s first admission is Audrey Leyland, who is originally from Waihi. She began her stay on 2nd August last year, only a few days after the home officially opened. 

Audrey says the carers who look after her “are all very nice and treat us as a person” and “we’re all friendly” to each other.

Audrey recently turned 93, and for her birthday treat the team took her on a nostalgic visit to her old town Waihi. Audrey was in tears when she thanked the team for fulfilling her birthday wish, as she sat mostly in thoughtful silence listening to her friends and co-residents sing “Country Road” with gusto during the ride to and back. Staff members were teary-eyed as well.

“(The trip to Waihi) meant so much to me because I was able to go back and see where I was born, where I used to work, where I went to school. That’s where I was married and had a family. It brought back a lot of memories. There you’re making me cry,” Audrey says  as she tries to laugh instead to ward off the tears.

Audrey loves and is a champ at indoor bowls. While she is mostly either in her room or having a good chat with fellow residents in the lounge, she also enjoys an occasional walk outside. 

Audrey enjoys her family’s love and support, son Larry visits her every week, daughter Trish who lives in Australia calls her every night, and a niece drops by every now and then. Audrey is appreciated by her co-residents for being their voice, able to point out if something needs to be improved. Staff members appreciate her being “dependable and thoughtful” and for helping make sure other residents know about the activities.

“She may look tough but she is really sweet. She will make you feel that she cares about you,” a staff member says.

In short, we at Steele Park Home love Audrey for being Audrey. 

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