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Meet The Facility Managers

Indeevar Duhan, Nurse Manager, Athenree Life

Indeevar became Nurse Manager of Athenree Life in August last year then took on the dual role of Facility and Clinical management in March this year. He is a Registered Nurse with solid experience in aged care and a Master of Business Administration from University of Waikato. 

He is quick to say it’s the people he loves most about Athenree Life: “There is a sense of community, closeness, and warmth. Residents are lovely and staff members are driven.  Add lots of laughter to a warm environment and it becomes a blissful experience.”

One team member has this to say about Indeevar: “His guidance and support has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my professional goals, he has given me amazing and valuable advice… encourages communication which makes him accessible to the whole team… he is so caring of others and easy to talk to.” 

Indeevar lives with his wife and seven year old daughter. He enjoys playing chess, online games, going for walks on moderate trails, or catching a movie with family.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be in a position to guide our team at Athenree life and learn as we move forward together. We are confident of delivering positive outcomes for all the people we serve and employ.” 

Ruchika Arora, Facility Manager, Cambridge Life

Ruchika is the youngest among the Group’s Facility Managers. She joined as FM of Cambridge Life in July last year, bringing in her disability and aged care experience to the Group. 

She is described by a teammate as “quick-witted, inquisitive and decisive” and always “willing to help any way she can.” Another appreciates how Ruchika listens to their concerns and makes them feel they “can approach her with any sort of problem.”

In her free time, Ruchika likes to “explore new places, work on (her) fitness, and spend time with whānau and friends.”

“Being a facility manager gives me a chance to connect with the community where I can provide support to whānau and people who need me. Cambridge Life has given me the opportunity to find and work on my passion and I’m thrilled to be on this journey. I know it’s a big challenge but I’m up for it and as they say, ‘if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’.”

Pauline Lewis, Facility Manager, Eltham Care Rest Home

Pauline is the most tenured of all the Facility Managers of the Group, having been with the Taranaki facility even before it was known as Eltham Care. Her long career is devoted almost entirely to aged care, having worked in almost every aspect of it in at least three different facilities over the years. 

Pauline has her colleagues’ respect and is described as “a very dedicated person who gives 200%, wonderful to work with, wonderful to all staff and very caring towards the residents.”

Pauline enjoys gardening and loves spending time with her three children and three grandchildren. She describes herself as “a quiet thoughtful person with a sense of humour,” and believes laughter is the best medicine.

“What I like most about my job is the interaction with the residents and families, supporting them as much as possible in their journey. The staff are wonderful and very important to me in this process.”

Emil Pienaar, Facility Manager, South Care Rest Home & Hospital

Newest to the Group among all the Facility Managers, Emil joined South Care Rest Home & Hospital in June this year. He is conversant in five languages and has more than a decade of combined work experience in mental health and disability. 

He is fondly described by a colleague as “confident and considerate, easy to work with, genuinely cares about residents and staff” and has a “humour enjoyed by everybody.”

Emil brims with pride talking about his daughters Engela, 4, (“fantastic big sister and loving person”) and Anarieke, 2, (“true daddy’s girl”), and his “tall, beautiful wife who is full of life.” He describes them as “a Christian family who loves God and loves people.”

“At South Care, I am part of a team where we are making a true difference in people’s lives. We help give them dignity and respect. Along with that the residents themselves are great to work with.”

Tina Manuel, Facility Manager, Steele Park Home

Tina started her health care career as a support worker in Australia more than a decade ago, before steadily progressing to leadership roles in aged care and disability organisations in New Zealand. She joined Sound Care Group as Facility Manager of Steele Park Home in May this year. 

She is described by a colleague as “a great communicator,” and someone “with empathy” and a “heart for caring towards residents and whanau.” 

Tina comes from the east coast town of Te Wairoa, has been married for 30 years and has six children. When not at work, she loves “market shopping, travelling, road trips, gardening and plants.”

“I love that every day I get to play a role in making a difference in the life of the residents. I love that I get to do this mahi, and able to invest into and make room for the next generation of aspiring health professionals and leaders. At Steele Park Home, it is important that our Culture of Care is seen through every interaction we have with our residents, whānau, and each other.”

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